Axie Beasley Howcott (1838-1927) - forebear of many Howcotts, who lived much of her life at and near to Plymouth, NC.

Adeline Howcutt the mysterious parentage of a young woman who married William Robotham at Aston in 1875.

Andrew Howcutt (1845-1915) husband of Elizabeth Eales, whose final years were spent in Claybury asylum.

Ann Howcutt & Albert Bullivant why did Albert call himself Huckinbury?

Catherine (McRae or Davis) Howcott - the origins of an ancestor of many Howcotts.

Charles Howcutt from Brixworth to Sheffield

Charles B Howcott Jr (1942-2019) - accomplished musician and choir master who inspired numerous students and nurturing their wellbeing.

Eliza Howcutt (1845-1923) after marrying an Irish clergyman, Eliza and her family eventually settled at St Neots.

England to Africa - an account by Eileen Howcutt of her journey to live in Tanganyika (now Tanzania) in 1949.

Frank Howcutt (1911-2001)

Henry Bartee father of Miles Howcott.

James Howcutt transported to Tasmania in 1827.

John Howcutt from Scotland to Canada

John Howcutt JP (1814-1885)

John Howcutt Silver, murder and a President

John Howcott & Mary Garrett who moved from Plymouth to Boston.

Joseph Howcutt Why did he die in Germany?

Joseph Howcott of New Orleans 

Joseph Clay Howcutt and the runaway horse.

Judge John B Howcott (about 1817-1852) - a native of Edenton NC, who moved to Canton, Mississippi and died at Memphis, Tennessee.

Maria Howcott - of Chowan county, the mother of Miles Howcott and ancestor of many present-day Howcotts.

Mark Michael Howcutt (1837-1897)

Miles Howcott (about 1830-1905) - Civil War veteran who spent most of his life in Washington county, NC.

Nathaniel Howcott from Edenton to Memphis.

Robert Howcott and the Regicides, 1660

Roll calls - Howcutts in the English census 1841 to 1911.

Rosa Brown Howcutt Joyner (1906-2008) - much respected matriarch and teacher who lived at Edenton.

Sarah Moodey (1808-1886) from Sussex, Sarah and her husband John Howcutt are ancestors of most present-day Howcutts in England and Scotland.

Thomas Howcutt of Bedford (1830-1882)

William Howcutt (1726-1782) forebear of all present-day Howcutts in the British Isles

William Henry Howcutt (1896-1917) soldier of the First World War

William Hill Howcott - Civil War veteran who erected an unusual monument at Canton, Mississippi.



Howcutts in Court - references to reports and legal documents before 1900.


What did they look like? - descriptions of Howcutts before 1900.