Howcutt & Howcott family history





Catherine McRae or Davis married William Henry Howcott in 1876. They are ancestors of many present-day members of the Howcott family in North Carolina and beyond. Read more about Catherine and her ancestry.

Andrew Howcutt (1845-1925) – In the 19th century, many people suffering from epilepsy were committed to live in asylums. Andrew Howcutt was one of them. Read more….

Congratulations to John Howcutt - the oldest member of the Howcutt family - on his 97th birthday. He was born at Bromley-by-Bow, London on 7 September 1921 and now lives near Romford.

John Howcott & Mary Garrett - John, son of William Howcott and Axie Beasley, was christened at Grace Church, Plymouth NC on 3 April 1859. He and his wife Mary Jane Garrett were among the first Howcotts to move to the North, when they arrived at Boston at the end of the 19th century. Read more….

Ann Howcutt & Albert Buttivant - Ann Howcutt married Albert Buttivant in 1871. For reasons unknown he signed the register as “Albert Huckinbury” and shortly afterwards was said to be unmarried. This is their story. Read more….

31 Clarendon Square, Leamington Spa - In 1851, Sarah Howcutt (aged 21) was a housemaid living at this property, which is the house pictured immediately to the left of the tree. Read more….

St Dunstan, Stepney - The Howcutt family has several links with this church. The present building is mainly medieval but replaces earlier structures dating back for over 1,000 years. Read more….



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