Howcutt & Howcott family history 




Henry Bartee – The father of Miles Howcott was one of the trustees of the African Methodist Episcopal Church Zion who in 1866 purchased a plot of land at Hertford, North Carolina for “the establishment and occupation of a Church for Divine Worship”. Read more….

England to Africa, October 1949 – “I arrived safely yesterday – one day late – our trip out having been most interesting but extremely fatiguing and full of mishaps. The only day that ran to plan was Tuesday.” Read more….

William Howcutt – the forbear we share - William, son of James & Mary (Ward) Howcutt, was christened at Brixworth on 11 December 1726. He is the person through whom all the people called Howcutt who are now living in the British Isles have their surname.  Read more.…

William Henry Howcutt (1896-1917) - William Henry Howcutt was the only soldier with the Howcutt surname to lose his life in either of the World Wars. He was one of the 4,756 soldiers from the Somerset Light Infantry who died between 1914 and 1918. Read more….

Gunpowder Plot – The Howcott connection - Guy Fawkes and his fellow conspirators are well-known for their attempt to blow up King James I and Parliament at Westminster on 5 November 1605. But that was only part of their scheme. Read more….


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