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Charles B Howcott Jr was born and raised at Mount Vernon, New York. He graduated from Indiana State University and later received his Master’s degree in music from New York University. An accomplished musician and choir master, he inspired numerous students and nurtured their wellbeing. Read more….

In 1743, Dr James Stonhouse and Rev Philip Doddridge founded an infirmary at George Row, Northampton with the noble policy of admitting "the Poor, Sick, Lame and no money, gift or reward is taken of them or their friends on any account whatever". Read more….

Eliza Howcutt was the oldest child of John & Susan (Higginson) Howcutt of Leicester. Her father was a prosperous seed merchant, able to afford the cost of enrolling Eliza and her sister Helen at a school at Effingham Road, Dover, where they were listed amongst 16 boarders present at the time of the 1861 census. Read more….

The Methodist chapel at Church Street, Brixworth dates back to 1811 and had at least two connections with the Howcutt family. Read more….

This picture shows the stump of Brixworth Market Cross about 1900. The building immediately behind the steps was constructed in 1811 with funds that Thomas Roe left in 1665 to educate children from Brixworth and Scaldwell. It is likely that many of the Howcutt children living at Brixworth during the 19th century spent at least a few years studying there.

Catcleugh Reservoir supplies drinking water to the Newcastle & Gateshead areas. When it was completed the reservoir took a year to fill. The 1901 census lists Oliver Howcutt (1866-1938) among the navvies housed in Hut No. 39 in the parish of Byrness, near the development site. Read more….

Catherine McRae or Davis married William Henry Howcott in 1876. They are ancestors of many present-day members of the Howcott family in North Carolina and beyond. Read more about Catherine and her ancestry.



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