1474 Edward Hulcot (or Holcot) was a collector for Jordanwell Ward, Coventry.

1510 Edward Holcot buried at the Lady Chapel, St Michael’s, Coventry.

1568 Ann Hulcotte married William Page (earliest mention of family at Bitteswell). 

1572 Robert Howcott married Jane Frost at Bitteswell (earliest record anywhere with Howcott spelling).

1592 William Howcott(e) served as Mayor of Coventry.

1593 Jane Howcote buried (first record of family at Bruntingthorpe).

1602 Robert Howckot of Coventry apprenticed to a stationer in London (earliest reference found to a member of the family in London).

1619/20 John Howkett (of Shearsby) buried at St James, Clerkenwell.

1660 Robert Howcott arrested two of the Judges of King Charles I and provided information to the House of Lords about details of the King's execution.

1669 William & Ann Howcott had their initials carved on the house now known as Yeoman's Cottage, Church Lane, Shearsby.

1678 Richard Howcott christened (first mention of family at Lichfield).

1695/6 John Hawkiat arrived in North Carolina, probably from Lichfield.

1698 James Howcutt christened at Shearsby (earliest record anywhere with Howcutt spelling).

1704 Sarah Howcott and her son James moved from Shearsby to Market Harborough (final reference to the family at Shearsby).

1720 James Haucot of Oxendon married Sarah Ward of Brixworth. They established the Howcutt family at Brixworth.

1726 William Howcutt christened at Brixworth. All Howcutts now living in the British Isles have their surname through him.

1729 Edward Howcoate buried (last of the family at Lichfield).

1732 Raphael Howcott’s will proved (most recent reference to the family at Coventry).

1748 Earliest reference to slavery in the Howcott family, when Jack, a slave of Edward Howcott, helped Stephen to escape from the gaol at Bath, North Carolina.

1811 “James” (really Charles) Howcutt of Brixworth married Maria Barker at Walgrave. They established a family in London and were ancestors of some present-day Howcutts.

1815 Sergeant William Howcutt of 23rd Dragoons fought at the Battle of Waterloo.

1826 Children of Charles Howcutt christened at St Dunstan, Stepney (earliest record of family in East End of London).

1827 James Howcutt transported from Brixworth to Tasmania.

1856 Mary Howcutt died (last family member residing at Bitteswell).  

1860 US census recorded Charles H Howcott of Plymouth, North Carolina as holding 22 slaves and Mrs E(lizabeth) Howcott of Madison county, Mississippi having 20 slaves.

1861-1865 Eight Howcotts fought in the American Civil War (on both sides).

1865 Mark Michael Howcutt married Sarah Elizabeth Weightman (most present-day Howcutts are descended from them).

1866 Tom Howcutt born (earliest reference to the family at Sheffield). His parents, Charles & Mary Howcutt, were ancestors of some present-day Howcutts.

1878 William Howcutt died at Birmingham (last Howcutt of that branch).

1900 William Howcutt buried at Brixworth (last of the family to reside there).

1900 Susan Howcutt buried at Leicester (last member of the Bitteswell branch of the Howcutt family).

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