Across the Ocean details of members of the family who moved overseas from England between 1659 and 1892.

England to Africa - an account by Eileen Howcutt of her journey to live in Tanganyika (now Tanzania) in 1949.

Churches - connected with the Howcutt family.

Edward Howcott and the Popish Plot

Gunpowder Plot The Howcott connection

Heartland - map and information about many villages and towns where Howcutts lived before 1900.

Houses - connected with the Howcutt family.

Howcutts at Northampton Infirmary details of eight admissions of people with the surname between 1774-1846.

Howcutts in Court - references to reports and legal documents before 1900.

Lichfield - a Howcott family lived here from about 1673 to 1729.

London - early Howcutt events at London.

People - details of individuals (from England and America).

Soldiers - Howcutts who were or may have been soldiers up to the end of the First World War (1918).

Tombstones - pictures and inscriptions of memorials to members of the Howcutt family.

Wills - transcripts and summaries of wills proved and administrations granted in England before 1920, in some cases including an inventory of the person's possessions.