Howcutt heartland



This map shows the locations of some of the towns and villages where members of the family lived before 1900.


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The first reference to the family here may be the marriage of William Howgat and Sarah Syr at Aston in 1697. Nathaniel Howcott (buried 1741) was the ancestor of most of the Howcutts in the Birmingham area. The final Howcutt living there was his great grandson, William (1792-1878).




Howcutts lived here, probably continuously, between 1568 and 1856.




Henry Howcutt voted in respect of Brixworth property in the 1702 and 1705 parliamentary elections. William Howcot, a labourer, and Susan Walton were both living at Brixworth when they married there on 24 June 1703. It is not known how Henry and William were related to James Houcot who married Mary Ward of Brixworth in 1720. James and Mary established the Howcutt family that continued at Brixworth until 1900.




Robert Howcott, originally from Bitteswell, lived here for ten years or more prior to his death in 1602/3. His son Robert (about 1575-1635) had a number of children christened at Bruntingthorpe in the early 17th century, including Robert Howcott of Stoughton.




Thomas Harcatt paid the lay subsidy tax here in 1524.




The Howcutt surname and variations are found here between 1474 and 1732. It is quite feasible that the family lived here continuously between those dates.




Jane, wife of Robert Howcott, was recorded as living here in 1579 but was buried at Bruntingthorpe in 1593.


Great Oxendon


James Howcutt was living here when he married Mary Ward in 1720 and moved to Brixworth.




John, son of Thomas Howcutt of Leamington Priors, was living here in 1851.


Holcot & Huncote


Places that the Howcutt surname may have developed from.


Husbands Bosworth


William Hulcott paid the lay subsidy tax here in 1524.




Location of Howcutt's Corner.


Leamington Priors


Thomas Howcutt from Brixworth (1804-1873) was living here in 1851. Leamington Priors is now known as Royal Leamington Spa.




Edward Howcott lived here from about 1673 until his death in 1729.




Old Lodge was the birthplace of Elizabeth Martin, who married Thomas Howcutt of Brixworth in 1800.




The Howcott family lived here at least from 1607/8 to 1704.


South Croxton 


William Howcott, formerly of Shearsby, was buried here in 1701.


Stoke Albany


The people called Holcott who lived here around 1700 were almost probably descended from the Howcott family of Bruntingthorpe.




Robert Howcott (1608-1658), who had been christened at Bitteswell, had eleven children baptised or buried at Stoughton between 1632/3 and 1652. He was still residing there at the time of his death.


Yardley Hastings


Location of Howcott (or Howcut) Lane.


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