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This lists the places in England where tombstones commemorating people called Howcutt survive or did so until recently. Unless otherwise stated, they are in the churchyard of the parish church. If more than one person appears on the same monument, their names are included on the same line. The year of death is shown for each person. Where there is a hyperlink it leads to a picture and other details of the relevant tombstone.

Arnesby, Leicestershire

  • John Howcutt Perkins 1869

Bitteswell, Leicestershire

Description: Description: D:\My Webs\howcutt site\bitteswellgraves1968.jpg

Howcutt graves at Bitteswell, 1965

The grave mounds in Bitteswell churchyard were made level during the 1970s. The gravestones have been moved from their original positions. 

Brixworth, Northamptonshire

  • William 1782 (the inscription is now almost illegible, however it included the information that William Howcutt was the husband of Sarah Howcutt and that he died on [29th?] October 1782) 

Description: Description: D:\My Webs\howcutt site\howcutt william 1782 brixworth reduced.JPG

Description: Description: D:\My Webs\howcutt site\tombstone william 1782.jpg

Grave of William Howcutt - in foreground (pictured about 1964)

(picture taken May 2006)

Originally there was a mound between the headstone and a footstone that read "WH 1782". The mound has been flattened and the footstone placed next to the headstone. 

  • James 1828 (the inscription is now partly illegible but it included the information that James Howcutt died on 8 March 1828 aged 64 years).

Description: Description: D:\My Webs\howcutt site\james howcuttgrave1970s.jpg

Description: Description: D:\My Webs\howcutt site\Brixworth - James Howcutt tombstone 1828 reduced.JPG

picture taken about 1975

picture taken 2006

Enford, Wiltshire

  • William Henry 1917 (commemorated on War Memorial)

Hayes, Middlesex - St Dunstan Cranford Park

  • David William Howcutt 1976 

Leicester, St George

  • William 1844 & Elizabeth 1863 (not found there 17 February 2007 - the churchyard is sordid and partly inaccessible)

Leicester, Welford Road cemetery

Leire, Leicestershire

  • Robert 1785
  • Elizabeth 1802

Description: Description: D:\My Webs\howcutt site\tombstones robert 1785 elizabeth 1802.JPG

Tombstones of Robert (left) & Elizabeth Howcutt (right)

(picture taken 2004)

Mentmore, Buckinghamshire

Stoney Stanton, Leicestershire

Whepstead, Suffolk

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